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Denver Original Music Venues

So you want to get out and share your music?  Here’s a list of music venues that support original music in the Denver Metro area.  As this site progresses, you’ll see up-close profiles and interviews with key personnel to help you find your way.  Follow the web links for more information.

3Kings Tavern:  303.777.7352  (60 S. Broadway, Denver)

Atzlan Theatre:  303.573.0188  (974 Santa Fe Drive, Denver)

Bender’s Tavern:  303.861.7070  (314 E 13th Ave, Denver)  *Closed in fall of 2012 – see Quixote’s True Blue; Quixote’s then closed in 2016 and has now become the Black Box.

Black Sheep: 719.227.7625 (2106 E Platte Ave, CO Springs)

Bluebird Theater:  30.377.1666  (3317 E Colfax Ave, Denver)

Boulder Theater:  303.786.7030  (2034 14th Street, Boulder)

Buffalo Rose Saloon:  303.278.6800  (1119 Washington Ave, Golden)

Casselman’s:  720.242.8923  (2620 Walnut Street, Denver)  *Closed January, 2016

Cervante’s Masterpiece Theatre:  303.297.1772  (2637 Welton Street, Denver)

Cervante’s Other Side:  303.297.1772  (2637 Welton Street, Denver – see Cervante’s web site)

Climax Lounge:  30.292.5483  (2217 Welton Street, Denver)

D-Note: 303.463.6683  (7519 Grandview Ave, Arvada)  *Closed January, 2015

Dazzle Night Club:  303. 839.5100 (930 Lincoln, Denver)

Dulcinea’s 100th Monkey:  303.832.3601  (741 E Colfax Ave, Denver – see Quixote’s web site)

Fillmore Auditorium:  303.837.1482  (1510 Clarkson, Denver)

Fox Theatre:  303.443.3399  (1135 13th Street, Boulder)

Gothic Theatre:  303.788.0984  (3263 S Broadway, Denver)

Herman’s Hideaway:  303.777.5840  (1578 S Broadway, Denver)

Hi-Dive:  720.570.4500  (7 S Broadway, Denver)

Larimer Lounge:  303.291.0959  (2721 Larimer St, Denver)

Little Bear Saloon:  303.674.9991  (28075 Hwy 74 Min Street, Evergreen)

Lion’s Lair:  303.320.9200  (2022 E Colfax Ave, Denver)

Lost Lake Lounge:  303.333.4345  (3602 E Colfax Ave, Denver)

Marquis Theater:  303.292.0805/SodaJerkPresents  (2009 Larimer Street, Denver)

Mercury Cafe:  303.294.9258  (2199 California Street, Denver)

Ogden Theater:  303.832.1874  (935 E Colfax Ave, Denver)

Oriental Theater:  303.455.2124  (4335 w 44t Ave, Denver)

Quixote’s True Blue:  303.366.6492  (314 E 13th Ave, Denver)  *Closed at the end of 2016 – this venue is now the Black Box (digital underground music).

Rockbar:  *closed in 10/12…licensing issues.

Skylark Lounge:  303.722.7844  (140 S Broadway, Denver)

Soiled Dove Underground:  303.366.0007  (7401  1st Street, Denver)

Summit Music Hall:  303.487.0111 (1902 Blake Street, Denver)

Syntax Physic Opera:  720.456.7041  (554 S Broadway, Denver)

Toad Tavern:  303.795.6877  (5302 S Federal Circle, Englewood)

Walnut Room:  303.295.1868  (3131 Walnut Street, Denver)

Ziggie’s Saloon:  303.455.9930  (4923 W 38th Ave, Denver)

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  1. February 24, 2012 6:08 am

    I like your blog – just discovered it today. Interesting coincidence is that I noticed in one of your pieces you mentioned Dave Goldberg’s article about venues, which I just read yesterday while going through some of my CDBaby mail.

    Anyway, considering Goldberg is a jazz guy, he’d probably like to play Dazzle Lounge when he’s in Denver. They actually do a pretty good job of curating their musical calendar, so people often show up already knowing the musical talent will be of a high caliber. I remember in Goldberg’s article, wishing venues would take responsibility for building their own following by keeping the quality of music performers they hire high was one of the main points he made. They’re probably not perfect…what venue is?…but Dazzle is certainly worth including on your list of Denver original music venues. -StFo

    • February 24, 2012 2:42 pm

      Thanks for stopping by, Steve! And thank you for pointing out that oversight – I will definitely include Dazzle on our venue list. (Sometimes I get so caught up in the indie rock scene & forget about the professionals…)

      Yes, Dazzle is an awesome venue & they respect every musician that walks through their doors. Donald Rossa (owner) often introduces an act, asking the audience to kill those cell phones, minimize the chatter & give their full attention to the reason they came there – professional, beautiful music.

      Donald is also an avid supporter of the homelessness cause. He has helped my nonprofit, Musicians In Action, and supported many, many artists along the way. Cheers!

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