Think Incubation over Hibernation

Photo by NY State Parks.

Many local bands opt to hibernate during the winter months – understandable considering how challenging it can be to get music fans out in the snow and cold.  Add traffic to the equation and the infinite menu of other entertainment options and you might almost want to go into sleep mode indefinitely. But don’t do it.



Incubation > Hibernation

Hibernation, by definition, implies spending time in an inactive or dormant state.  Not a very constructive use of your time. At the very least, hibernation to you should imply “doing things indoors” (like playing indoor gigs, recording, rehearsing, re-inventing).  The last thing you should be doing is sleeping.

Incubation, as an alternative, implies “maintaining something under favorable conditions” for development, improvement, and the inspiration to hit the pavement when springtime comes again.  But don’t sit on a goose or albatross egg – that’ll only bring you down. Instead, sit on your creativity and passion, sit on your talents and skills, maybe dwell on your marketing plan, your personnel, or your next big move.

Here’s what you can do if you incubate:

  • Write more & better tunes.
  • Rehearse your butt off, maybe even get a teacher or mentor again.
  • Record: the tunes, your rehearsals, your lyrics, your stage performance…record it all and try to learn from it.
  • Back to marketing – do you have a marketing plan?  Do you know who wants to hear your music, in what format, where, when, & why?  Take some time to think about this.
  • Promoting your music – when was the last time you submitted your tunes to a web site, radio station, contest, booking agent or festival submission?  Have you revisited your digital music sites lately? Are you on all of the major platforms and what could you do to push more people there?
  • Make a music video – “people hear with their eyes.”  While you’re at, create a youtube channel, promote that channel, create a compelling reason to visit (and revisit).
  • Organize the band better – take stock of personnel and see if some of your bandmates would like to help with the tasks.  Many of them may be far more natural salespeople, designers, accountants, project managers than you…and they are just waiting to be asked.  Use all of their talents and get them involved.
  • Back to the albatross – if your band has laid an egg in the past, if you feel like something or someone is bringing you all down, figure it out and figure out how to move on.  Your music is the vehicle to help you fly so don’t let anything sink it.
One of the top digital music platforms – are your songs available here?

A long winter…will the Broncos see their shadow?

The old sports-minded, stock show cowtown image of Denver may give you the impression that you should just go dormant in winter.  And it’s true that if the Broncos make it to a Superbowl, it could put the kibosh on some of your plans (but probably not anytime in the near future).  So make some goals, create a few to-do lists and delegate. Try to identify your biggest weaknesses and maybe turn them into your greatest strengths? For Colorado, spring is always in the air – get ready for the thaw and get  busy!

To sleep, perchance to dream…

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