And we’re back…

Well, what do you know?  The Denver Original Music Initiative returns to your internet mailbox, just in time for the holidays.  Did you miss it?  Just like the songwriting process itself, sometimes a period of incubation is necessary to recharge and churn the cream to the top.  But here’s a reminder of the mission and what’s to come…

The Denver Original Music Initiative is a platform for supporting local artists.  To be successful, most musicians need to be able to: write, record, manage a band, figure out their brand, draw a following, manage tours, conduct group therapy sessions, engage their fans, promote shows, and many more logistical nightmares.  That’s a very tall order.  Far too many hats to be worn…and too many choices.

The bottom line is, nearly all bands desperately need organizational and promotional support but hardly any can afford it.

The DOM’s purpose is to help bands: understand entrepreneurship, learn from other bands, help navigate the world of changing music distribution, and provide some free opportunities for musicians along the way.  Free is always good.

If you are a local musician wanting to contribute to this mission, send us a line ( and give your two cents.  We welcome unsolicited band and venue advice from every corner of the Denver Metro area.  But also, please put some of these ideas into motion and give us feedback on what’s working…and what’s not.  Denver needs your original music!


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