Local songwriter, Katey Laurel with an all-or-nothing Daydream…

Katey, shown here at the Hard Rock Cafe.
Katey, shown here at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Few local artists have had as much success with KickStarter as Colorado’s singer/songwriter Katey Laurel.  She’s not afraid to take the bull by the horns (KickStarter is an all-or-nothing fundraiser proposition) and put all of her energy into it, and it has paid off for her before.  This time, Katey’s project is a folk acoustic CD and video exploring the theme of relationships.  The countdown ends on March 13th and she has put together a pretty impressive list of rewards for her supporters.

The 6 song CD is being recorded in Spitfire Studio in Los Angeles, to be completed in the spring and most likely released in September, 2017.  With any good KickStarter campaign, Katey is very transparent about why she is raising these funds, which mostly cover her personal transportation, artwork, mastering, pressing and paying session musicians –  some local folks featured on her tracks include Dave Preston (Dearling, Freddie Jones Band) and Mike Morter (Churchill).   Production is being covered through funding outside of this pre-order campaign.

This campaign is also a way for Katey to demonstrate a new turn as an artist.  The songs allude to some of her relationships and how they have changed over time…even relationships within the the music industry.  In her words:

It’s more acoustic folk than anything I’ve put out since my very first home recordings over a decade ago.  It’s raw and honest.  I have a feeling it’s only the beginning of a very new artistic season in my life.

For rewards, Katey is of course offering CDs, social shout-outs and other embellishments.  But a new offer for the higher-end patrons is a custom hollow-body (“Stella”) designer guitar; more sentimental than play-able, as it took its toll in a low humidity climate.  But sentimentality is the thing when it comes to supporting artists.  It’ll make a fine wall decoration for some lucky and generous soul…



Learn more about Katey’s new KickStart project here.

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