7 music marketing ideas for 2016

Happy new year!  And as usual, this is the perfect time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished with your music and where you want to go next.  One thing you may have noticed – virtually every successful step you’ve taken was probably accomplished due to more successful marketing efforts.

If the results have felt a little lackluster lately, think about some new steps you can take in 2016 to change course.   One degree of effort can make a huge difference.  One degree of change may give you a brand new perspective on new year’s day, 2017.  Here’s a little list to get you started…

  • Submit your music online, anywhere you can be heard.  Set a goal to submit one song, once a week, to a new source somewhere.  It could be another internet radio station.  Or a terrestrial radio station playing local music in the wee hours.  It could just be a relative in another state – but get it out there!
  • Get your CDs in the local record stores, even if you have to place them on consignment. Hint:  Angelo’s CDs & More has 4 locations in the Denver Metro area…
Is your music being sold in a record store?
  • Play a spontaneous event in public. It could be 3 songs, or an entire set.  It could be in support of a nonprofit cause you believe in, or an impromptu show for friends and family.  Or something off the beaten track for the local TV stations to cover.
  • Review your database of fans. What?  You don’t have a database?  Better get busy!  Get that newsletter or mass email going, or better yet, think of a creative new way to reach those fans, like a through a meetup (or impromptu concert).
  • Review your database of press contacts. What?  Are you kidding me?  Start compiling pronto!  It’s not that hard with this thing we call the internet.  Create a list, create a simple press release and get it out there.
  • Talk to 3 people each week and TELL THEM ABOUT YOUR BAND. A little quick math: 4 band mates talking to 3 people each week x 52 weeks in a year = 624 contacts per year.  Ask if you can please put them on your mailing list.  But be prepared to tell them what is unique about your band, your music or your live show.  Give them a reason to be curious.
  • Get off your butt. Take action.  One action a week is 52 a year.  One action a day is 365.2422 per year.  That’s a lot of marketing!

Next up:  some more thoughts on how to pull off an impromptu promo concert.

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