Pageantry returns to Colorado…

The indie trio, Pageantry.  Photo by Jimmy Alford.
The indie trio, Pageantry. Photo by Jimmy Alford.
At SXSW 2014, an indie rock trio named Pageantry grabbed their share of the limelight. Huffington Post named them on their “Best of the Fest” list and they are keeping the momentum going. With an eclectic blend of odd-metered shoe-gaze and avant-garde dream pop, you can hear Pageantry this Sunday (11/30/14) at Lost Lake Lounge, a Denver venue on their Winter West Coast tour.

Pageantry is composed of Roy Robertson (vocals and guitar), Ramon Muzquiz (drums) and Pablo Burrull (bass). These boys first assembled in the college town of Denton, TX in 2012 and cut their debut EP “Friends of the Year” in 2013. And now they are touring nationally and playing major festivals along the way.

Roy took a few questions recently, in anticipation of their Denver stop…

Q: How did you guys first start working out your unique sound?

Roy: When we started we didn’t have a desire to sound specifically like anything. It was and still is whatever hits us the right way when we hear it that makes it into our set or recordings.


Q: Were there any specific influences?

Roy: Like most bands now, our influences are so all over the place that it’s hard to call them influences. We’re influenced by the means and ways that artists we admire present their ideas.

Q: How much material do you have right now? And what’s your favorite tune?

Roy: We have over 20 songs that we’ve played at some point in time, we rotate sometimes but have a couple mainstays that don’t get old. I think everyone enjoys playing “Influence.” It’s so close to what we’re trying to do a lot of the time, something simple and meaningful.

Q: How does the band do while touring? Any advice for keeping sane on the road?

Roy: We really thrive on tour. We’ve been doing it regularly for more than a year and I’m sure we’d all agree it’s become the best part of being in the band.

For advice I’d say try to find a place to sleep at night that’s not your car, make a lot of friends and make having fun a top-priority.

Q: What have been the best tour spots for you so far?

Roy: Denver has been great to us every time. We’ve played there more than our hometown this year actually. San Francisco, Portland, New York City, Austin and Oklahoma City have also been really good to us.

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Q: What will be the highlights for Pageantry in 2015?

Roy: Finishing our new album, hopefully doing what we did this year in terms of festivals and touring but on a “bigger” level.

Q: What does the name Pageantry mean for you?

Roy: I wanted something that was celebratory and cynical to match an attitude towards making and performing music in the way we do. It’s something you can see as a display of beauty, of creating something extraordinary and intentional or a cartoon of destructive aesthetic ideals or something just plain stupid. I see that spectrum on people’s faces when we play, when they speak about music and art in general. It’s about feeling comfortable being appreciated/admired or pitied and laughed at.

Welcome back to Denver, Pageantry!

Image by Zac Travis.
Image by Zac Travis.

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