A look at Hooks at the House

Songwriters' night at the Park House
Songwriters’ night at the Park House
Park House recently celebrated its second year in business – a quaint bar with kitchen and multiple comfortable nooks. Among those nooks are couches, a smoker’s lounge, John Macy’s new studio and a dedicated stage in the main dining room. Here, Ed Skibbe has been running Hooks at the House, a songwriter showcase, since last April.

This special event occurs on the second Tuesdays of every month, already featuring a strong list of local songwriters: John William Davis, Steve Law, Melissa Ivey, Angie Stevens, Richard Dean, John Common and Jess DeNicola, Dave Preston, Rachel James, Victoria Woodworth, David Starr, Casey Frazier, Katey Laurel, and Satchel Gleason.

My goal was to create a consistent place for songwriters to gather, network, listen, learn, and perform–though an invitation to perform is somewhat exclusive. I want Hooks to be at least a tiny slice of what the Bluebird Café was like in the 80s and 90s in Nashville. – Ed Skibbe

SongSmith, featuring (left to right): Ed Skibbe on guitar and vocals, Mark Allison on drums and Spencer Pyne on bass and vocals.
SongSmith, featuring (left to right): Ed Skibbe on guitar and vocals, Mark Allison on drums and Spencer Pyne on bass and vocals.
Last Tuesday, Ed invited Gary Dean Smith and Tom Gould to join him on stage. Ed’s band, Songsmith, kicked the evening off and then cleared the stage for three chairs – just guitars and mics. They then alternated playing a song each.

Gary Dean Smith leads the New Darlins, an “American Funky Tonk” band in the process of kickstarting a new recording project. Two of his original songs have been placed in the Rockband video library. He was also part of the L.A. rock collaboration Forces of Soul, whose first recording included Ginger Baker and David Lindley.

Gary Dean Smith
Gary Dean Smith

Tom Gould currently resides in Taos, NM, but was born in Denver and has been in the music business since the age of 12. After about two decades of playing music in Denver, Tom and his wife, June McHugh, started a publishing company, Ash Street Music, and soon took it to Nashville. Some of the writers in this fold have had songs recorded by George Strait, Randy Travis, Jason Aldean, Ronnie Milsap and others.

Tom Gould
Tom Gould

The third songwriter of the group was the illustrious host, Ed Skibbe. His resume runs the gamut from decades of roadhouse gigs, most notably with Kilgore Trout (country rock) and Tony Roam (cow punk), on to his long standing musical partnership with Smitty Smith (in the duo Colfax&Wadsworth). Along the way, Ed spent multiple tours in Nashville with 15 years as a Music Row staff writer. More about this songwriter’s journey coming up…

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