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Two major steps towards wealth attraction

February 6, 2014

When it’s all boiled down, there are really two main steps you can take to attract more wealth in your life: take action and follow up.

Step 1: Do Something!
Being proactive doesn’t come easy to a lot of people. Are you a self-starter? Do you make things happen? Or do you wait for someone or something else to come along and set things in motion?

There are lots of little activities you can do to move your music career along. But the simple key is that you need to do them. Ideally, you should be doing at least one simple thing, every day, to further your career. Here are a few basic examples:

*Find a manager
*Post your songs on CDBaby and/or ITunes and/or other places where people can buy your music
*Direct fans to where they can buy your music
*Develop a meaningful Kickstarter program
*Book a gig
*Promote a gig
*Write a press release
*Make a better merch table
*Network with fans, fellow musicians, venue owners, etc.
*Write a song, or find a co-writer
*Make a music video
*Practice your instrument
*Record some new music
*Clean out the van
*Research new venues

If you think about it, this list could be a mile long. There are tasks and sub-tasks out the wazoo that you could be doing. Prioritize the tasks by what might lead to the most long term revenue potential…or just pick the simplest thing on your to-do list, and do it. And remember – objects in motion tend to stay in motion.

Step 2: Follow Up
Do you want to set yourself apart from 90% of the world around you? This one is pretty simple too – don’t leave anyone hanging. Be responsive. Think of your actions like a tennis champ – always put the ball back in someone else’s court.

If all of your band mates could juggle, think of how much you could accomplish...

If all of your band mates could juggle, think of how much you could accomplish…

Learn how to juggle multiple tasks without dropping any balls. Can you do that well? Good! Now pick up the chainsaws – your career is at stake…

Here are few examples:

*ALWAYS reply to emails, voicemails and texts. Never blow anyone off (at least not that way…).
*After you have booked a gig, promote the gig.
*After recording a project, master the tunes, create the art and get pressing.
*After you’ve pressed the CD’s, don’t just let them collect dust in the basement. Find ways to sell them.
*Just played a great show? Thank your fans.

Make your word impeccable. That will do more for your career than anything else. Every reply you make, every little promise you keep, every time you show up – that’s all going to create wealth in the long run. Be proactive and follow through. Yes, every step you take…

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  1. March 12, 2014 3:16 pm

    Great article, Marc. I think we are all guilty of dropping the ball at times but it’s good to be reminded *not* to drop that ball!

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