Rubbing shoulders with wealth

Another key strategy for wealth attraction is to get your music in affluent markets and/or with affluent people that are willing to pay for it. It’s a simple fact – wealth begets wealth. People that are used to having money flow through them, not out of greed, but as a realistic tool of daily life, are used to paying your price without a lot of questions.

Now consider where your music is typically being performed…bars and roadside holes in the wall? For fellow musicians that also don’t have any significant income? For kids without disposable income? When the poor play for the poor, the outcome is pretty certain. Play for the rich and you change the game.

All of this may sound rather cynical, but it’s really more practical if you think about it. You are looking for support for your music. Support comes in the form of money. People who don’t have money won’t be able to give you any, no matter how much they love your tunes. People who have lots of money, have the potential to give you money, even if they aren’t the greatest fans. And who knows…given a chance, they might just turn into die-hard fans.

Be careful what you wish for!  He may want to hear Mustang Sally...
Be careful what you wish for! He may want to hear Mustang Sally…

Where do you find wealthy people?
Have you ever heard of the Dow Jones? The S&P 500? Nasdaq? These are the quaint little statistics that are supposed to give us an idea of how healthy the U.S. Economy is at any given time. And right now, believe it or not, the numbers have been flirting with the stratosphere. So corporations are one place to find wealthy people.

Here are a number of other places that contain the wealthy:
*Golf clubs
*Cherry Creek Shopping District
*All things equestrian
*Zip codes: 80290, 80293, 80202, 80942, 81611 (Aspen), 80118, 80121, and 80111 for starters
*Boat docks
*Mountain resorts
*Sports team owners
*Jewelry stores (Hi, Mr. Shane! Can I play for your employees?)
*First class travel
*Where the doormen are…
*Fancy local colleges (we’re a little limited here in Colorado…)
*Financial institutes of all stripes
*The Theatre District and art shows
*The finest restaurants, salons, spas, and rehab joints
*Pool parties
*Beamer and Lexus dealers
*Anywhere that you might stumble upon gold
* Banquets and award ceremonies
*Extravagant parties
*Behind gated driveways
*Buildings that have been named after them…

Are you getting the idea now? In any marketing effort, you need to identify the target audience, figure out where they are located and find the best way to communicate with them. So give it a shot – champagne wishes and caviar dreams to you!

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