Meet the Dead Side…

Formed in 2011, a young band called The Dead Side recently relocated from Bakersfield, CA to Denver to pursue their dreams. They are currently working on an ambitious double album (The Infectious Buddha). This is a second go at studio work after recording their debut album “Cabin Fever.”

In June of 2012, the lineup solidified with:
Robert Trobaugh – Guitar
Brandon Lucus – Bass/piano
Marc Smith – Guitar
Ace Brewer – Drums

While they work hard to create something new, this young band also struggles, like many DIY bands, to bring the music to fruition…

Q: You’re in the process of recording a double album, The Infectious Buddha…where are you recording and what’s the target release date?
DeadSide3The Dead Side: We’re recording at The Spot studios in Lakewood. It’s a very current and beautiful studio, and we’ll be working with extremely talented and experienced sound engineers. The target release date is by the end of 2013.

Q: Is everything going as planned?
TDS: Well, everything is swell. But everything is not going as planned because we initially intended to record this project ourselves. We’re really excited about where we’re recording and with the progress we’ve made on the songs as a band.

Q: You can hear The Pixies, for sure, in your influences. A little Smashing Pumpkins. It seems like a little folk and Beatles are hiding in there too…but, Floyd – is that more for the inspiration? 😉 How would you describe your sound?

TDS: We write songs based on what’s on our minds and our hearts, not based on any specific genre. We hear the Floyd in our sound, though others might not. A good to compare us to is Ween.

Q: What do you think are some of the downsides of being a young band these days?
TDS: The social scene that you have to learn to create. We’re staring down the barrel of a dead social scene, and we feel we need to revive it. It DESERVES a revival.

Q: What do you see as the upsides? Any advice for your fellow musicians?
TDS: The upside is definitely that we have the opportunity to help redefine a genre, and to add something different to the mix. Our advice would be to cover all of your social networking sources, and to pair up with other artists to help create a scene.


Q: After the album is done, how are you going to promote it? Is it going to be DIY all the way?
TDS: We plan to promote it the old-fashioned way by touring for it relentlessly. We’re going to work with Platinum-Cut Media, a truly amazing up-and-coming production company, to make it happen!

Q: You’ve sold some records in Europe – how has that come about? What do you think is the best strategy for overseas marketing?
TDS: We achieved overseas sales by having our album available worldwide on multiple music websites. We think that that is the best strategy to overseas marketing.

Q: And then, of course, what’s next for The Dead Side? What kind of support do you think would help the most at this stage of your band’s life?
TDS: What’s next is touring to promote Infectious (album 1) and then we are going to make Buddha (album 2). After that, we plan to tour for Buddha. The best support we can get right now is just coverage on social media sites and websites, and support for our Indiegogo campaign. Thanks for interviewing us! We enjoyed it!

The Dead Side
The Dead Side

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