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When you’re not worth it…

August 15, 2013

So now here’s part two, and it’s usually the hardest part for a musician to accept. Often you and/or your band are not ready for prime time. It’s that simple. Unfortunately, the average band is blissfully unaware of this reality.

Let’s face it, these days, who isn’t in a band? There’s barely one degree of separation from anyone that plays guitar. What are the chances that a lot of these musicians are going to be pretty mediocre?

Do you seek out and listen to objective critics of your music?

Do you seek out and listen to objective critics of your music?

And therein lies the rub. You may think your band is amazing…but will you listen if an audience disagrees? Do you seek out objective points of view? Do you record and /or videotape to evaluate your sound and your performance? Should a venue risk having you play a Friday night there? Really? Really??

Here are some signs that you are not quite ready for prime time:

*your fan base has an initial surge and then continues to shrink.
*someone is singing flat, forgetting lyrics, or using the mic ineffectively.
*stage presence is lacking – such as long, painful lapses between songs.
*…or your players look like zombies (unless that’s the look you’re going for).
*You’re playing too loud for the size of the venue.
*leads are sloppy and/or you are playing nervously.
*another sign of the jitters – you’re playing like the chipmunks (rushing every tune).
*wardrobe malfunctions.
*you’re doing sound checks on the fly…every. single. show.
*Gear issues galore…and no backup plan.
*the puppet show took higher billing than your band (again!).

Sure, some things will go wrong every once in a while. Yeah, the venue might be haunted. But if any of the items above are happening on a consistent basis, you need to start looking in the mirror.

So what’s a band to do?
*Practice. Practice. Practice.
*Record yourself. Videotape yourself. Evaluate. This can be a step & repeat process.
*Hire a manager.
*Play Open Mic Nights until you’ve ironed everything out – please stay tuned…

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