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Tryout for the People’s Fair?

December 4, 2011

The 41st annual CHUN People’s Fair is June 2nd and 3rd, 2012.  If your band would like to play this high visibility event, applications are being accepted now.  Here’s what you need to do…


Visit the People’s Fair site  and submit an application (under “People’s Fair” then under “entertainers”).  You can submit online or print it out manually and snail back to them [CHUN People’s Fair, Attn:  People’s Fair Entertainment, 1290 Williams Street, Ste 102, Denver, CO  80218-2657].  You will be asked to complete a stage plot for the band and submit 3 recordings as well.  If you attempt to submit recordings online, keep in mind that these need to be under 7MB in size.  If your recordings are larger than this, plan on submitting on flash drive or CD.

What Next?

The People’s Fair has a committee of judges that conduct listening sessions to decide which bands to call back for auditions.  They will also review stage plots to see if you know how to complete one of those – a good indicator of your stage experience.  But not to worry, there are plenty of directions for completing one of these online.  Approximately 80-90 bands will then be asked to audition at the UMX on March 24th & 25th.  Don’t be surprised if it turns into 110 or more…

The UMX?

This is your tryout for the People’s Fair, known as the Ultimate Music Xperience (UMX).  It’s held at Bender’s Tavern on Saturday and Sunday (3/24 & 3/24, 2012, 10AM-6PM) and you don’t want to skip this.  There are two stages at Bender’s, which are a little bit of a foreshadowing for your chances of being selected, but they are also based on audition availability of the bands.  The regular stage inside is the better bet – the outer stage (often sponsored by the Onion, yuk, yuk) is smaller and muddier for full bands.  You’ve been warned.

The judges will be grading you on sound, setup and tear-down competency, stage presence, and the number of fans you can draw as well.  There will also be a bunch of voting cards the general public can complete to vote on their favorite bands – so, yes, the more fans you can draw the better.

Then what?

Then you wait…for at least a month or more.  You’ll probably start to hear from other (better) bands in town that they were called to duty.  With any luck you will be part of the top half selected to play.  But if not, you will eventually get a letter in the mail saying “thanks, but try again next year.”  Good luck!

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