Denver Original Music

Welcome to Denver’s original music scene!

Some of you may remember me from a past life as the Denver Original Music Examiner.  Some of you may have bumped into me coming to a Musicians In Action show.  And some of you might have shared a stage with my band, Odin’s Other Eye.  In any event, thanks for finding me again!

I’m here to dig through the nooks and crannies of the Denver original music scene in all of its land-locked glory.  I’ll be speaking with (better and lesser known) bands, club owners, recording studios, music schools and other resources, and maybe with you too.

Are you involved with the local scene?  Musician?  Venue owner?  Promoter?  Photographer?  Zealous fan?  I definitely want to hear from you!  Send me a line and I’ll probably make you a byline.  Cheers to Denver’s struggling music scene!

One Comment on “Denver Original Music

  1. Hello
    Being new to the music industry, I am glad I came across your website. My education and career experiences are in photography, cinematography, Post-Production, and now Sound Design with a new development of composing a style of “Organic” Electronic Music. I have just started to research on how to get music heard and my findings are quite overwhelming. My desire is to meet like-minded people in the business to learn more on how it works and perhaps shed some light in this deep dark tunnel.

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